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PanGu Salt (granulated)

Undisturbed for millions of years underneath the bed of the Himalayan Mountains - is 100% natural PanGu Salt. PanGu Salt is mined naturally. To keep its purity, no machinery or dynamite is used in the mining process.


PanGu Salt has more than 84 minerals & elements in an ionic state, which is optimal for human metabolism. These traces of elements are so small and dispersed that our bodies can easily absorb them. It is in the crystal form that the life force of the water sample is enlivened. In which we can expect more life force within our bodies when taking PanGu Salt.

People often say that our body consists of 70% water; therefore it’s important to drink water to replenish. However, that is only half true. Our bodies actually consist of 70% of SALINE solution containing salt, and drinking water is not enough anymore. It is the quality of the salt in our body that ultimately determines whether our bodily fluids can maximize their biological functions. Our bodies can replenish mineral supply needed by taking PanGu Salt, which can also help strengthen bones and increase enzyme production.  

As you may have already know, refined salt or table salt, is a chemical process which passes through numerous cleaning and washing to remove excess magnesium and other minerals in order to become whiter and dryer. During this process, important elements of salt are lost which alter its natural ratios. Table salt has a very harsh taste and hyper salty due to sodium chloride. It is also harsh on the taste buds, or the nerve endings of the tongue. PanGu Salt has a gentle, almost sweet flavor, that won’t cause extreme taste effects like table salt. PanGu Salt can bring a better eating experience when you replace your use of table salt in cooking, baking, salad making, or any other places you will need to use salt.

Once you begin taking PanGu Salt, your body will start to have a better ability to deal with stress, easier to stay hydrated, and furthermore, enjoy the taste of your food. Try PanGu Salt today and see how it can improve your quality of life.

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